Join us for our 2016 Wedding Photography Workshop in France! Learn from industry leaders  to develop your film photography skills, improve your marketing and branding strategies, and find out how to find your dream client. Registration is now open here.

Here is what a lovely previous attendee has to stay! 

Bonjour dear Sylvie! I loved everything about your workshop, it was an unforgettable experience!!! Thank you for everything, you are such an inspiration to me and proof that it can all be done! I've learned that hard work really pays off.  

I am juggling business and family (baby is so good!), oh, but you know exactly how it is - you having two kids of your own! It is busy, but I am very passionate about photography, excited to see what the future brings. I have been renting a Contax since your workshop, absolutely love shooting with it, but still learning metering. So there is still a lot for me to learn. I am applying everything I learned from you, that it's so important to personally know vendors, always be on time when meeting with them, loyal and responsible. I want to be a luxury (film) wedding photographer and combining my love for travel with capturing beautiful timeless moments for couples... oh, and of course anything that has to do with France :) and Europe. Basically, my goal is to be like the amazing talented French wedding photographer that I know in San Francisco! :)) 

Thank you again for everything you've taught me!! 

Спокойной ночи :) 




A view of Lyon, the "Paris of the south" with the river in the foreground; photo by Sylvie Gil
An alley in Burgundy, the rooftops of Lyon; photo by Sylvie Gil
Rooftops in an alley in Lyon; photography by Sylvie Gil
Classic Burgundy architecture shot in Lyon; photo by Sylvie Gil
A boulangerie and several charming storefronts spotted in Lyon; photo by Sylvie Gil
A cute outdoor cafe in Lyon displaying checkered tablecloths and a friendly atmosphere; photo by Sylvie Gil
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