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There are no words to describe how humbled I am by this note Lauren! Thank you so much! you are an amazing person ... really! 

"Writing a review on Yelp is a little hard for me, this is my first one...this is the ONLY time i have felt compelled to write something.  I read reviews all the time, yet always take it with a grain of salt feeling like each reviewer might have an agenda- my motive; to help people connect with this incredible photographer.

I started this review by looking in the thesaurus so I didn't continue to use the word "amazing" again and again, a task that expanded my vocabulary but still didn't satisfy finding another word to describe Sylvie.  For our wedding this past October I was stressed about the photography.   I have and always will consider myself an  unphotogenic person (many people claim this, but really...i kind of look like I am going to bite the camera).  My husband and I knew that we didn't want the focus to be on staged photos but rather someone capturing the entire night, the feel of all the little details, the guests, our families and of course...a little bit of us. Sylvie did this and so much more.

She makes you feel so comfortable, even if you aren't used to standing in front of the camera.  I recall the moment she giggled at my silly expressions that my face is able to make without me even knowing and simply stating that one "must capture my smile at the right moment" to avoid that "snarl" (my word not hers) that I tend to have.  Who knew?  The woman figured out EXACTLY when to take the photo, decided by an individuals smile, to make an amazing photograph!  It will be impossible for you to look back on your wedding day with these photos and not feel transported back to the feeling and emotion of that day.

She shoots in film and digital, black and white and color and the pictures are simple over the top.  The film photos are incredible, there is a romantic and classic feel to them that makes them timeless.  She doesn't use any crazy gimmicks, like asking your bridesmaids to jump in the air- she just manages to take the most benign moments and extract the most beautiful images; an interaction between you and your spouse you didn't even realize was happening, a laugh that you had with a guest in the middle of the night is captured and you never even saw her take your picture. My husband and i wanted to make sure that we enjoyed our night, because as much as we wanted gorgeous photos we didn't want to spend our one and only wedding night being dragged around by a photographer missing out on time with our guests.  Sylvie was great at this. Sylvie was so respectful of the night and us...asking us once to step away for a few photos (which turned out to be some of my absolute favorite) because the light was right, and then for the rest of the night she simply blended in and continued to shoot. She showed herself to be flexible and accommodating while still upholding her integrity as professional and knowing what was best for making the best photos.

I could go on and on, but I assume people stop reading these reviews when they become novel length.  I will simply state that Sylvie Gil is so skilled at her craft, a pleasure to work with and will exceed every expectation and calm every insecurity you have.  It is one of the best investments into your wedding day (or any other event) that you can make.  She has created a lifetime customer out of me, and every person that has seen my photos or was a part of that night."

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