I woke up to this note this am... how grateful I am today...

Rosemary from Rosemary events received this note this am...What a sweet thought from Rebecca and Bond.... and Thank you Rosemary for putting together such a flawless, stress free event:
 "Sylvie (and Gabriel, of course) for being the wonderful, laid back person that she is and making us feel 100% at ease in front of the camera. We are dying to see the photos and know they will be absolutely stunning. We had so much fun with the whole process, including the fantastic engagement shoot a few months back. The album she created for us was perfect, and we will treasure it and the notes from our friends and family in it forever. Merci beaucoup for making that happen on such short notice and for hand delivering the book and prints. Nous t'aimons, Sylvie."

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