Every day hero

Isn't this what love is all about....

Happy Valentine's day! May you cherish all your loved ones more and more today!


My son had to write a speech about an everyday hero.. I was amazed when he chose my mother who lost her battle to cancer 2 years ago. I always thought she was a super grandma.. the boys spend their summers in France at her country house in the Pyrennes.. and adored her .. but when I read this paper.. I was so touched and so proud!

Every Day Hero Speech – Mamette

By Marius

To me a hero is not some one who breathes fire or shoots lightning out of their hand but a person who never gives up, cares about others, has good suggestions, and always tries their hardest. Nobody is perfect but anybody can try their hardest. This is why I chose my grandma as my everyday hero. Even though she is dead I still look up to her. She is the kind of person that will change your life and influence you to be a better person. My grandma would give me money to buy stuff whenever I asked politely. She would not get mad when we made a mistake. She built a whole playground out of old wood, ropes, tires, and ladders just so we could play there 15 days a year. She always had a positive attitude even when she was about to pass away. But what mattered most to me was that she always tried her hardest. And this is why my grandma is my every day hero.

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