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 Looking up a gravel path toward a chateau in Paris; photo by Sylvie Gil
 Sights around Paris, including typical Parisian architecture, an alley hosting a cafe, and steps to the Louvre; photo by Sylvie Gil
 A view of the Eiffel Tower over Paris rooftops; photo by Sylvie GIl
 Examples of classic Parisian architecture as well as the Bir Hakeim Bridge; photo by Sylvie GIl
 Classic Parisian architecture framed by summer trees; photo by Sylvie Gil
 A gravel courtyard in Paris; photograph by Sylvie Gil
 Photographs of the Louvre and other areas of Paris by Sylvie Gil
 A perspective shot of an arched walkway in the Louvre; photo by Sylvie GIl
 Several views of Bir Hakeim Bridge, and the Seine; photo by Sylvie Gil
 A typical Parisian cafe, a bistro menu; photo by Sylvie Gil 
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