Thank you @sylviegil for these fairytale photos. You are one talented artist and we are so lucky to have found you. Thank you.

Tara Lipinski

Wow this is absolutely INCREDIBLE, Sylvie!!! We feel so lucky to have gotten to work with you – you are AMAZING. We hope to get to work with you again soon and will definitely be recommending you to every single friend we know getting married. It’s better than we could have imagined!! The way you captured everything is amazing!!! <3

Sarah + Mike

Dear Sylvie,

Thank you so much!  Your spirit is something that I picked up on our first phone call and hoped was the same in real life.      And it is. You’re a gentle, kind, lively and loving person. And an artistic, romantic, talented and professional photographer.    A combination that I think doesn’t come around all the time.

Almost half a year ago, I remember being so happy when you said you already felt like Brian and I were yours—and I know after this wonderful weekend together, you were 100% right. There could have been no one more perfect for us. Our friends and family were at ease and able to shine around you. And I just know that they’ll be so thrilled to see themselves through your lens. As I mentioned, I chose you out of vanity—because I wanted to look like the ladies in your photos. And I felt like one of them all day! Thank you for your presence. You added so much to the day. We cannot wait to see what you have captured. Please let your whole team know that they were LOVELY. Lovely to be with. And we are so grateful.

Thank you, Nicole & Brian

Hi Sylvie!!

Thank you so so much!! These are absolutely beautiful!!

I also wanted to thank you for being a part of the wedding day. You made me feel so beautiful and confident. I am so happy we did the boudoir shoot beforehand. I felt so comfortable with you. I truly can't thank you enough. Having you there in the room before I walked down the aisle was truly something special, you helped keep me calm and relaxed. You have such a great energy and I loved working with you! There's a reason you are the best!! 

Warm Regards, 


Hi Sylvie!

We just wanted to write you and say a big thank you for photographing our special day.  We can’t believe it was today, last week! We feel very blessed to have found you and gotten to know you in this brief period of time.  We hope to see you again soon and are greatly looking forward to seeing the pictures.  Thank you so so so much again, Sylvie.  You are a true delight and talent, and we so enjoyed our time with you!!!

All our love,

Bree and Hunter

By Abby, founder of Style Me Pretty:

"Sylvie has this magic way of capturing an event. It's the kind of photography that stops us right in our tracks, that makes us forget about any other gorgeous wedding we've ever seen and has us focus on all that love of weddings adoration."


You are sooooo awesome.  I am very humbled by your thoughts. Excited as well to see the photos. You are a true artist and I look forward to our working together real soon. 

Hugs and love 

Sharon Sacks - Sacks Productions

Sylvie, thank you so much!! 

It was the best day of our lives and it was so wonderful to meet you and thank you so much for capturing the day so beautifully. Working with y'all enhanced our day so much. The pictures are stunning, it is like Christmas morning over here looking at them all! Have a wonderful 4th of July Weekend and thank you so very much!


Sarah Rose Johnson- What Sarah Knows

Dear Sylvie,

I took a moment to look at your photos and believe me when I say're simply AMAZING!!!  Theses photos are something like heaven.  You captured emotion, perfectly.  The color, softness and depth perfect!  Can you tell that I'm at a lost for words?

To make a long story short... I value great work and I personally wanted to let you know that I LOVE your photos.  Though photography is not my expertise... your work inspires me.

Thank you for sharing!  You just motivated me!!



Hi Sylvie,

Our photo box arrived yesterday! What a lovely surprise at the end of a long day. The box was beautiful and it was a nice treat to get a few prints too! Both our families are thrilled with the way the photos turned out. I cannot thank you enough for capturing the day so beautifully. 

much love,


Sylvie, thanks so much. The pictures are absolutely fabulous! So fun reliving the day and seeing so many of the details I never even noticed. We'll pass the gallery around, order some prints, and can't wait for the hard drive. 

Couldn't have had a better experience working with you. Wish we could do it again! 


Whitney and Justin 

Sylvie - amazingly beautiful! Cannot stop looking through them. The finale image is breathtaking. That one will be going on the wall for sure!!! Phillip and I enjoyed working with you tremendously! We were just talking about what event can she photograph next!! ;) 

Thank you so much! So exciting to get these back :) looking forward to the rest. 


Caroline and Phillip 


Words cannot describe how grateful we are for you and to have gotten to share this moment in our lives with you. We have been looking forward to meeting you for quite some time, and let us just say, you are even more radiant and lovely than we could have ever hoped or imagined. 

You are so talented, and such a joy to be around. We cannot wait to see the photos, but most of all, to keep in touch.

We felt a strong bond to you before we even met, and especially after. Thank you for being you and for capturing our special day. We mean it when we say we love you and hope to keep in touch and see you again very soon. 

Our love,


Dearest Sylvie!

I could just HUG you!! First of all - you are SO darling!! All the Bridesmaids were saying "We want to BE Sylvie - she is SO adorable!!"  You are such a joy to be around, no one felt like they were having the DREADED photos being taken! Your son and Gabrielle (sp?) were also just perfect!

Words truly are not sufficient to tell you what it means to me that YOU have captured these most special of memories for my Cyd and Trey! THANK you beautiful Sylvie, THANK you!!

Warmest of hugs and I hope to see you again on our journey in life - many more memory making occasions to occur!! 

- Cynie

Everything you do is so painfully beautiful!  It's like you have a cloud of perfume just following you around everywhere you go :) 

- Rebecca Crumley, Wedding Photo Director for The Knot

It is absolutely astonishing how you captured everyone's personality through your beautiful photography.  AMAZING.  I am beyond pleased! Can't wait to look at them this evening with Pete!

- Jenny

Wow Sylvie these are so gorgeous!!! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos. And photos that capture everything and everyone so wonderfully. They are just gorgeous! Each one just leaves me wanting more ;) Thank you so much for capturing our day so beautifully!


I’m thrilled to be able to share this gorgeous California wedding from the amazing Sylvie Gil today. She captured all the beautiful and romantic essence of this couple’s special day so perfectly that I am at a loss for words. It’s no wonder she is named one of our Best Wedding Photographer. She’s a photography genius

- Mod Wedding

Sylvie - THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Jason and I just went through them and we sent the link to our folks and my sister - everyone agrees that it's going to be VERY difficult to choose photos to print out and for albums!! Going through these we just have the biggest smile on our face and it brings us right back to that perfect day. These are everything we could have hoped for and more! And it's super fun to see all of the little details that we were too distracted to check out during! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Can't wait to share these! 

All our love,

Laura and Jason


What an incredibly beautiful set of photos you have taken. Each picture brought back wonderful memories of our wedding day. What a great way to stroll down memory lane. I'm also glad that you captured quite a bit of our guests in action as well it's nice to see what they got up to while we were running around! Looks like they had a grand ole time. All in all, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and picturesque setting to celebrate our wedding.. but more importantly such talented professionals to have captured it in such a romantic and authentic way. We are incredibly grateful to have met you!

We picked our favorites that we'll likely want to post on FB once we get the media files but honestly it's difficult to choose, there are so many great ones!! Not a bad problem to have :) 

Thank you soooo much again Sylvie! I hope we can keep in touch


- Di & Peter

Hi Sylvie, we _love_ the photos.  As Pete and I were looking through them, we were commenting about how they took us right back to the wedding day -- it was like we could still hear all the guests mingling in the backdrop.  This is probably one of the few times that both our families will have been in the same place (since they live in opposite hemispheres), so it means so much to us have such a beautiful documentation of the day.  Thank you! 

- Mariangela & Peter 

We are sitting on the sofa in our living room, having just looked at our gorgeous wedding album together. It is absolutely stunning! We had no idea what to expect in terms of how the individual pages and photos would look, but it could not be more perfect. It really is some unique and beautiful artistry, and we can't thank you enough for capturing our special day so tastefully.

We will definitely cherish it for years and years to come!

- Bond & Rebecca

Oh lovely Sylvie, how can I tell you how much I love working with you and Gabriel? Though it was hot, it turned out to be a gorgeous evening. The bride and groom were raving about you. They felt so well taken care of and they really fell the love from our incredible team.  

- Kathy Higgins, wedding planner

You just made me cry... it's a funny thing, I am not sure why I share this with you... probably more then you want to know... but I am someone who has never thought of myself as pretty, never ugly... but I always thought of my mom as stunning, my sister beautiful... some random 80 year old lady as the epitome of gorgeous. I am normally in a chef coat, grey hoodies or some outfit that makes me look like an 11 year old boy... to see these photos... well it's just a moment of feeling truly gorgeous. Thank you.

- Lauren, chef Chez Panisse


So I know it has been over a year since my wedding, but yesterday I talked to a friend whose wedding photographer only got half of the shots she asked for including none of the food or the details she made for the reception. It just reminded me how amazing you were and how when I opened up the proofs from our wedding, I was amazed at how you seemed to capture everything and how it was like being there again.  Thank you for doing what you do! I will treasure these images forever. 

- Lee 


Mark and I have been meaning to email you.  We want to let you know we REALLY enjoyed having you as our photographer at our wedding.  You were great to work with and our family and friends were complementing how you handled all the pictures. After the wedding was over, Mark and I couldn't stop talking about how happy we were that we chose you to capture the memories of our wedding.  We are so excited to see the pictures!  

- Carly


My husband and I both consider ourselves "not photogenic," but looking at Sylvie's pictures of us you would never guess it.  She was able to make us feel comfortable and take pictures we're proud to show off!
Along with the great photos, I feel like we learned a lot from Sylvie.  She told us about her way of making sure to capture the entire story of the wedding - not just the big shots of the bride and groom, but also each of the details - the flowers, the hor d'oeuvres, the menu and place setting.  I love looking through the shots and feeling like each piece of our wedding was captured.

- Jackie 


As a newly married woman (my wedding was early this June in San Francisco), I like many new brides couldn't wait to get the first glimpses of the wedding photos. Sylvie gave me the call at work to let me know they were now posted on-line. I was held up in meetings (as luck would have it) and I made the excited phone call to my husband to tell him to go on-line and take a look! My husband (who never thinks he looks good in any photo) was completely blown away. I knew they had to be absolutely amazing......

My experience of viewing the photos was nothing short of complete and utter glee. I don't think I have ever said WOW so many times in my life! "How did she do that?" kept coming to mind. Sylvie captured parts of the day I would have never even thought to suggest. Sylvie has an amazing talent for capturing people in their most natural state. She takes photos fast and you hardly even know she is there! She not only created great pictures of my husband and I, but just about every person at my wedding (200+)! Sylvie infuses light, nature, angles, and architecture into her photos in a skilled way other professionals can't even compete with.  She uses a mixture of B&W and color film to create fabulous timeless moments. 

I have no idea how we will even begin to make an album as we have so many wonderful options. As my friend said, "Just pick every 5th photo or so and you will have the most stunning album ever!" 

Sylvie is beyond gifted. Her viewpoint from behind the lens is truly magical. 

Needless to say....we are THRILLED.

- Leah


I was immediately drawn to Sylvie's beautiful portfolio. My husband and I met with a variety of photographers during the selection process and we really clicked with Sylvie.  While she is very serious during the photography session itself, her personality is very easy going and we were very comfortable with her.  It was really a no brainer for us after we met Sylvie and saw her portfolio.

We absolutely loved our engagement photographs taken at Baker Beach and I was really excited to have her taking our wedding photos.  Sylvie did a marvelous job.  We just loved our photographs. I am thankful that she captured the important moments and the many details that you spend so much time on during the planning process but forget about after the big day is over.  Also, Sylvie took many photographs that are so beautiful that they are like pieces of art.  She has an excellent eye.

Finally, I recently received my wedding album and just love how it turned out. Sylvie was also great during this process. My mom and I went over to Sylvie's office one Saturday morning and designed our albums over espressos.  Sylvie was extremely helpful in the "narrowing down" process given that you cannot jam hundreds of photographs into the album itself.  She provided her opinion as to which pictures she recommended and her eye for placement and organization was excellent. The result was just beautiful.  

I love looking at the photographs and album and thank Sylvie for all of her wonderful work during this most special time.

- Nicole


Classic, Timeless, Spontaneous, Fun... These are just a few adjectives that describe the style of Sylvie Gil's photography and how Sylvie is herself. Sylvie Gil is such a joy to work with. She makes everything seem so easy and seamless. Before our wedding, she spent time with us getting to know who we were and what we liked. During our wedding Sylvie was like a spirit that had the ability to be everywhere at once and a grace which enabled her to blend into the background. After our wedding we took our sweet-time to get our album (2 years) during which Sylvie respected our time we needed to get things together. At the time when we did meet, Sylvie helped us go through all of our proofs and pick the best of the best for our album. Then after picking the pictures, grouping them so they told the exact story we wanted to convey to whomever looked at our album. You might be thinking ...well that is what you pay her for.... and yes this is true, but not many do this kind of job with the patience, insight and class that she does. Sylvie Gil is who you go to for documenting the most important times in your life....

- Katrina


Sylvie shot my sister's wedding a few years back, so I had gotten the chance to see her work (both shooting on the day as well as the finished result), and I was certainly impressed with her.

When I got engaged last year, I had only a few things which were really important to me, and perhaps foremost among those was the pictures.  Sylvie is certainly not the cheapest photographer out there, so given that we were on something of a budget, we visited with her as well as several other photographers to see if we could perhaps save some money by going with a more "budget" photographer.  In the end, even my wife (for whom the photos were much less of a priority) had to admit that nobody else was even close. . .

We were married in June and recently received our photos and. . .they are amazing.  VERY happy we chose her.  There are so many beautiful shots that we're having a hard time choosing the best for our album--an enviable dilemma. 

With only one shot (pun intended) at capturing our day, I couldn't be happier with the result.  Thanks Sylvie!

- Adam


Sylvie was more wonderful than we could ever have imagined in a wedding photographer.  I mean, we wanted artistic, talented, dependable, attentive, and flexible.  We got all of that and more!  For example, we had a more DIY-type wedding, and Sylvie stepped in and even helped us plan the schedule for the wedding day, like how much time to allot to different segments.  And, of course, as a wedding photographer, she's seen way more weddings than we have.  But her general interest in helping us plan the best wedding and her willingness to share her general wedding expertise really impressed us and made us feel even more comfortable.  

As for photography, she is the best.  We looked at a lot of sites and was turned off by the generic prom-style posed pictures.   Her style is so much more interesting - creative, stylish, and intimate.  You look at her pictures and you think, "Wow, who took these photos?".  
And while she is clearly talented, she is also down-to-earth and responsive.  She wants to know what YOU want and what YOU envision.  She can flex what she's doing and adjust as she goes.
All in all, an experience that exceeded our expectations.  Would totally use her again...hey, and maybe we will when it's time for our first family photo!

- Michael 


We reminisce about the wedding at least once a week and look through photos even more frequently.  Thank you again for everything, we are so blessed to have one of the most special days of our lives documented as we do.  We will be sure to let you know if any other friends need a photographer, no doubt you will come highly recommended by us!! :)


- Brooke


This completely made my day, which has been otherwise stressful and absent from the complete joy that was my wedding! The pictures are so beautiful and mean so much to us, I have only begun to sort through the favorites. I've refrained from doing so at work because one is not supposed to cry in the workplace :) thanks so much!! :) 

 - Kristin


In one word...Amazing! Sylvie did my wedding in October, and she captured each and every SINGLE moment that mattered to my husband, my family, and me. I have her photos up as works of art in my home, not just 5X7 frames at my desk. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill wedding photographer who will just line you up, tell you to smile, and take pictures of guest tables, Sylvie is not who you want...she is so much more than that. If you want someone to take a completely fresh photo-journalistic approach to documenting one of the best days of your life, then look no further. A few things that are good to know about Sylvie: 

1. She is completely personable. She takes the time to get to know you and your family such that when she is shooting, she knows which moments are going to matter to you later. And as a bonus, she has a lovely French accent that makes you feel like you are doing a fabulous photo shoot in Paris! 

2. I personally think she does her best work in black and white. If you love artistic, emotionally meaningful shots, hers will take your breath away. I wish I could post them here for you all to see. (Color are also fabulous, but she has a ways with B&W that I did not see with any of the other photographers I talked to). 

3. She is classic with her work, she shoots in all film, which gives your shots an heirloom look to them the day you get them. (All images are then put in digital format so you can have ultimate flexibility). I personally think that working with film has kept her eye sharper for the perfect moment because each shot counts.  

Anyhow, now it's 3 months later, and each time I take out my wedding shots (which embarrassingly enough happens about once a week!) I cry. I see new things in every picture. People's joy, laughter, and tears of happiness. I have no doubt these photos will be cherished by generations of our family. Do check out her website, she is well published, and I can promise you, that what you see as "representative work" on her site is really a good representation, not just the 100 best pictures she ever took like some photographers. I hope this review is helpful to any newly engaged brides! If you want artistry, class, and style, Sylvie Gil is your lady! 

- Ashley 

We want to thank you for your hard work and its beautiful results. We really have some of the loveliest wedding photos we have ever seen and you captured all the important moments perfectly. We chose to work with you for both your artistic vision and your kind and easy-going nature. Thank you for helping us feel at ease as you photographed us on such an important day. All the best,

- Talia and Nick


Thank you so so much for the pictures. Debbie and I both are extremely happy. In all seriousness, we ABSOLUTELY LOVE your work, the mix of black and white was beautiful. We love your use of light, your eye is unobtrusively yet framed with delicate control and yet you do go back and forth between being serious, playful and above all, it seemed you had fun and it shows. This was evident in the pictures as much as in person; we loved having you with us for our special day!

- Debbie and Albert


I sat here for an hour and cried and cried with joy. You are such an artist. Your images are so classic. You managed to capture not only the moments, but the personality of each and every person I love and care about. I will treasure these pictures forever. I will always be grateful to you for your talent and gift, and hopefully, one day in the future, you can photograph my children.  

- Ashley

Wow! I must say I do not think you missed anything! You are an incredibly talented photojournalist - catching the moments and at the same time bringing in the surroundings to the focus. Your photos presented the harmony and happiness of this event. I think Chelsea and Matt were all about that.

Thank you so much for sharing your work with me, I am blown away by it!

- Yong Wedding Planner for Chelsea and Matt


Barbara and I received the beautiful photos last week and had the most romantic and memory-filled evening just looking at them. We are overwhelmed by their beauty. Thank you so much for bringing your artistry to be part of our wedding!

- David and Barbara


We wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the amazing work you did with our photos. We were truly blown away by the beauty of the photographs and we really loved working with you. You have such great energy and we really appreciate the care with which you treated us. Thank you so much, best wishes.

- JB and Alicia


Both Ron and I are very excited to see the final product (and relive the day again!). Thank you so much for all you did for us. We loved every minute and your pictures really captured that. There aren't enough words to say thank you.

- Kristine


It was such a pleasure working with you for our engagement photo and wedding sessions. Your demeanor is so calm and friendly, you really put me and my husband at ease during our sessions. We were drawn to your approach to candid photos (so artistic!) and equally impressed with your efficiency managing the group//family photos. We had a great time putting together our wedding photo album with you - there were so many fantastic photos, it was though to pick the ones we liked most! We are completely in love with how our photo album turned out and will definitely be using you for future life events. 

Thanks Sylvie! 

- Emily & Jason


My husband and I wanted to work with Sylvie because of the stylish and un-traditional approach she takes to wedding photography. Our experience was incredible. As a bride I felt she became part of the wedding party as opposed to following us. She captured intimate moments with us as well as our family and friends. We will cherish the memories captured forever! Thank you again.

- Lisa


As soon as we saw your work we couldn't imagine anyone else photographing our wedding. You did not disappoint! We enjoyed having you with us on our wedding day. Thank you for being so friendly and fun to work with. We appreciate your attention to detail, making sure the important things were perfect before snapping a portrait. And your candids are so special, a wonderful way to relive the day. Sylvie, you have such style! The photographs are fabulous, you made our wedding into a work of art. Thank you. 

- Melissa


You captured the beauty of our wedding day in so many subtle ways. We are incredibly pleased and grateful to you every time we look at the photos. They make us smile and bring back warm happy memories. Thank you again for being so incredibly talented and wonderful to work with!

- Rita and Frank


Sylvie's photos truly captured the emotion and spirit of our wedding day. She caught many special moments on film which we didn't even remember in the whirlwind of the day. And the extra care she takes in the printing process really showed in the beauty of our final prints. We were delighted when we looked at the photos for the first time, and we know we will cherish them for years to come.

Sylvie was a pleasure to work with - efficient, unobtrusive, and very friendly. All of our relatives loved her, and most of our guests barely noticed her, which was perfect.  

- Judy and David


Many many thanks for the wonderful job you did for Hope and Matt's wedding. Hope said it was the happiest day of her life and we have to thank you for doing such a great job recording it. I know Matt and Hope will be thrilled in their years ahead to look at your pictures over and over. Our heartfelt thank you for such a beautiful job.  Best regards,

- Nancy

A number of friends have just gotten engaged and after telling them all about the amazing Sylvie, I thought it was time to finally write a post too. It's been 4 years since our wedding but we still have our album prominently displayed in our living room. Everyone who sees it ooohs and aaahs over the gorgeous photography. Sylvie more than just documented our wedding; she captured the spirit of the event so that everyone who sees the images is transported back to the gorgeous day. She has a fantastic eye and was also an absolute joy to work with. We put total faith in her to guide us through the experience without giving her much direction at all - and it worked out perfectly. We were able to completely eliminate any stress over the details of the photography - so we could stress about other things! One more lovely thing about working with Sylvie is that, because she is constantly asked to contribute to various publications, we were able to experience the thrill of seeing ourselves as newlyweds on the cover of a local magazine. I have to say, that was pretty cool...

- Deedee


As a bride, I had the experience to work closely with Sylvie not once, but twice for our weddings. First we were married in a very intimate civil ceremony in San Francisco at the beautiful courthouse downtown. Not only did Sylvie capture incredible shots of us and my family in both color and black and white, but she stayed with us over her scheduled time just to make sure we got all of the photos we had wished for. We then had the pleasure of having Sylvie shoot our wedding ceremony and reception in the famous Penthouse Suite at the Fairmont Hotel. After seeing the shots from our civil ceremony I was so excited to see what she was going to create at our wedding. Once again, she did not disappoint. Our photos are fabulous and we have received numerous compliments! She was also loved by our friends and family and we were treated like gold! She has true talent and is a professional all the way around. Thank you again Sylvie! 

- Kelly


Our experience with Sylvie was fantastic! I am an amateur photographer of 15 years and after extensive review of Bay Area wedding photographers portfolios, my wife and I chose Sylvie.  

We couldn't be more pleased with our choice. She has an artful eye and it was in full swing on our wedding day. She does a nice blend of group shot, capturing the overall scene (so you can always remember your special day), but my personal favorite shots were her artsy ones. Through her mastery of film, light, and lens, she was able to create amazing timeless images that leave a nostalgic impression worth a thousand words! Our wedding album was well-made and adorns our coffee table. We get compliments every time we have visitors. Sylvie is highly recommended and we can't say enough good things about her work. 

- Adrian

We enjoyed working with you in every aspect from planning, to the wedding day, to collecting photos after the event. You were very professional, friendly, and at ease yet firm and able to keep things on schedule and round up groups very well when needed. I know everyone enjoyed working with you and appreciated your cheerful demeanor. Taking photos throughout the day was fun, fast, and did not detract from the importance or special tone of the event. When not taking posed shots, I (nor anyone else) noticed your presence yet the photos you captured clearly expressed the story of the day. As for the photos themselves, we could not be more pleased. The variety of styles and film types provided a unique aspect to the photo collection as well as opportunities for photos that document not just the wedding but the personalities and emotions of our families and friends. Choosing photos for the album was very difficult since every shot you provided was well done. I'm sure the photos we will provide our attendees with will be cherished. In addition, I am so pleased that we have such beautiful photos that not only provide a picture perfect book story of our wedding, but priceless photos of our family and friends that we will have for a lifetime. I'm sure many of these photos will find their way out of the photo album and onto the wall! Your attention to details in the planning, photos, and even the albums has made the entire process run smoothly and perfectly. We also appreciate your flexibility in accommodating our desires while providing us with a funky and artistic edge.

Thank you again for a job done beyond our expectations! 

- Christine